Fine Art Paintings to Magnify Your Imagination

Most beautiful fine art paintings of freelance plein-air enviornmental artist, scientific illustrator and anthropologist artist Patrice Stephens-Bourgeault. Erasing On the Wall of Time - Sedona, Arizona

“”Erasing On the Wall of Time”
Sedona, Arizona, U.S.A

Fine Art Paintings to Magnify Your Imagination

Patrice is a plein-air artist, who combines the realism of traditional fine art with the vision of Surrealism. Her fine art painting captivates a subject matter more real than one would see with their eyes, or what’s produced through the lens of a camera. But, the catalyst which fundamentally changed the way Patrice sees and paints her world, was her work as a scientific illustrator in biodiversity. She uses the microscope as her mode of transportation to enter into this ‘New World’ of entomology. The fine art paintings Patrice brings back from her travels under the microscope will magnify your imagination. This fusion of her fine art paintings and her experience as a science illustrator of insects has inadvertently relocated her into the world of Surrealism’s fantasy.

Patrice’s technique is to paint realism with speed and accuracy, as she paints from life on location, without the aid of photographs or overhead projectors. This she does also, with her fine art paintings of insects that are anatomically correct, which she creates freehand while looking at the specimen directly from under the microscope. Consequently, her fine art paintings become intriguing, and reflect with a magnetic appeal, this captivating combination of artist styles. Patrice subsequently ‘paints a symphony for your eyes to magnify your imagination’

While visiting Patrice’s fine art painting site you’ll find a portfolio of her fine art paintings of landscapes, a portfolio of her fine art paintings of still life, etc., a portfolio of her scientific illustrations, including her recent adventure into the world of insects and if you are interested, something about Patrice and her artwork.

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“Painting a Symphony for Your Eyes
to Magnify Your Imagination!”

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Most Recent Painting of Scientific Illustrations by freelance scientific illustrator and plein-air artist Patrice Stephens-Bourgeault

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